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Since its establishment in 1993, Finsens has developed itself as prominent investment consultancy firm that has gradually expanded its network and take on more investment consultancy projects. To develop a strong investment strategy, it is essential to diversify risk across asset classes, sectors and regions. This way, we try to minimize risk and maintain a balanced portfolio. Here, at Finsens, we deliberately compose a portfolio with investment funds and exchange traded funds (ETF) to obtain a mix of actively and passively managed funds. For every fund we make a trade-off between active and passive management, based on the risk, realized and expected returns. We can also include alternative investments in your portfolio to let you enjoy from diversification benefits. If you prefer a more stable return pattern, we can also help you combine a selection of traditional securities (shares, bonds, real estate, currencies) with alternative strategies, such as trendfollowing. Because trendfollowing is based on the technical analysis of the market prices, it has low correlation with traditional investments. Therefore, they form an excellent addition to your portfolio.


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Our experienced investment advisors think together with you to develop a long-term investment planning and strategy that help you fulfill your personal goals and needs. With our personal approach, we will proactively inform and involve you throughout the whole process. Do you want to know more about our solutions and how we can help you? Feel free to contact us through thisĀ contact form.